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Approved Architectural Replacements

Samples Images are at the bottom of the text
Over The Garage – 6” Black Plastic Numbers manufactured by the Hillman Group

Model numbers:

  • 844041 (the number 1)
  • 844042 (the number 2)
  • 844043 (the number 3)
  • and so on..

The HIllman Group 800-321-1630 and web site (www.hillmangroup.com)  does not sell to individuals, but items can be purchased through various retailers and mass merchants.  As of October 2013, they could be purchased at Home Depot or ordered through Amazon.com.

Replacement Exterior House Numbers –  4″ Front Door Numbers:   4” Black Plastic Numbers manufactured by the Hillman Group, model numbers 841548.   The HIllman Group (800-321-1630 and web site (www.hillmangroup.com)  does not sell to individuals, but items can be purchased through various retailers and mass merchants.  As of October 2013, they could be purchased at Home
Depot or ordered through Amazon.com

Replacement Exterior House Numbers –  3.5″ Front Door Numbers:  3.5” die cast aluminum numbers manufactured by Hy-ko Products Company, model number DC-3.    Hy-ko Products company is in Northfield OH 44067-1415.   The were found recently at Ace Hardware, and can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Exterior Paint

Exterior Paint:   Each townhouse in Firenze is painted with Sherwin Williams paint with one of three finishes, depending on the area to be painted,  Walls are flat (Sherwin-Williams Resilience Exterior Latex Flat K42W51), Shutters are Satin (Sherwin-Williams Resilience Exterior Latex Satin K43W51), and doors are gloss (Sherwin-Williams DTM Acrylic Coating B66 series).   Colors are according to one of three color schemes, with colors as specified below

Additional Details on the Paint: Please check below the materials used to prep, repair, seal, caulk and paint Firenze.

see image at the bottom of the page.

Scheme 1 

  • Lower Body – SW6666 – Enjoyable Yellow
  • Upper Body – SW6360 – Folksy Gold
  • Shutter – SW6341 – Red Cent
  • Doors – SW0014 – Sheraton Sage
  • Garage – SW6360 – Folksy Gold
  • Trim/Bands/Medallions/Railings – SW6371 – Vanillin

Scheme 2 

  • Lower Body – SW6408 – Wheat Grass
  • Upper Body – SW2834 – Birds Eye Maple
  • Shutter – SW0014 – Sheraton Sage
  • Doors – SW6375 – Honeycomb
  • Garage – SW2834 – Birds Eye Maple
  • Trim/Bands/Medallions/Railings – SW6371 – Vanillin

Scheme 3

  • Lower Body –  SW6372 – Inviting Ivory
  • Upper Body – SW6373 – Harvest Gold
  • Shutter/Medallions –  SW6375 – Honeycomb
  • Doors –  SW6341 – Red Cent
  • Garage – SW6373 – Harvest Gold
  • Trim/Bands/Railings – SW6371 – Vanillin

Walls – Flat
Shutters – Satin
Doors – Gloss

Sherwin Williams – Wellington 561-792-3307
John – Store Manager


Leasing Information & Application

FIRENZE-La Florence at Renaissance Commons Homeowners Association, Inc.
c/o Tallfield Management
12765 Forest Hill Blvd, Suite 1320
Wellington, FL 33414
Tel. (561) 983-6000 Fax: (561) 983-6001
Email: wellington@tallfield.com

Click here for Lease Application (November 2019)

Lease Application Checklist

This is a list of items needed to process an application to lease a home in Firenze. Failure to provide all information and payment will result in application being returned. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Applications can be mailed or dropped off to our office address above, Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4:30PM, or at the Firenze Clubhouse. Contact the Tallfield Office at 561-983-6000 if you have any questions.


  • Executed Lease Application and Information Sheet
  • Copy of the lease contract
  • Legible copy of driver license(s) or other government issued Identification for all adults that will be living in the home
  • Copy of recent paystubs (2) months for each applicant
  • $200 Non-refundable fee made payable to “Tallfield Management” * All payments must be certified/cashier’s check or money order ONLY (no personal checks or credit/debit cards accepted.)
  • Two-page Residential Screening Request per adult (required to run national criminal/credit check)
  • Acknowledgement Page

*NOTE: The $200 fee covers background screening for up to two adult applicants. Any additional residents 18+ years of age are subject to background screening, and an additional $50 fee per adult is required.

Please allow at least 30 days for application processing.


Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulation PDF Updated on (July 2019)

Click to view PDF

Governing Documents

View PDFs of Declaration of Covenants and Certificate of Amendments to the Covenants below:

Declaration of Covenants, Declarations and Easements for Firenze

Certificates of Amendment to the Covenants, Restrictions and Easements

Renaissance Commons Master Association Documents