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Community Map

Below you will find maps of our community by address, building number and lot number as well as an aerial shot of the community. You can click on each of the maps below to view a full sized PDF

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Mailbox & Key Fobs

Mailbox: If you have a lost or broken mailbox key? call 561-463-8112 Dixon Locks. The management staff can only provide you with your mailbox number.

Key Fobs: key fobs can be purchased at clubhouse for $25.00 (money order or personal check)

Fitness Center

Hours: 5am to 11pm

Pool Rental

Gated patio at the pool can be reserved for parties by contacting the Manager at



Parking Rules Effective May 1, 2019

1. Street Parking is Restricted to Active Vehicles of Firenze Residents only. Owners, tenants and other Association residents that wish to park on the streets between the hours of 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., shall be required to have an Association issued parking decal affixed on the window of said vehicle (an “Authorized Resident Parking Decal”). Street parking is for vehicles in active use only. No vehicle should be parked on the street for more than 14 days without moving or it will be subject to booting or tow.

2. Manner of Parking along the curb. Vehicles parked on the street must be parked parallel to the street with no part of the front or back of the vehicle sticking out or protruding on to the roadway. Vehicles should not be wedged into a parking spot at an angle. See image below for on-street parking examples.

3. Display and Transfer of Decal. Parking decal must be affixed by HOA management and placed in the inside front window, in the upper driver’s side corner. To be valid, it must be affixed to the assigned vehicle, in the correct location, and must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Each decal issued is for a specific vehicle and is not transferrable between vehicles. Decals issued pursuant to a lease will be marked to expire at the lease end date.

4. Fees. Decals will be provided without charge for up to three (3) active decals per unit. Additional decals will be provided for a fee, which may change from time to time, pursuant to the policy set by the Board of Directors. As an initial matter, the fee for any additional decals will be $200. Fees are per decal. For tenants, decals will be issued to match the term of the lease and must be reissued for any renewals. For owners, new decals will be issued each time the parking program stickers decals are updated by the HOA.

5. Qualifying for a Decal. To qualify for a parking decal, the following requirements must be met:

a. Each vehicle must have current registration.

b. Each vehicle must be not be an “ineligible vehicle”

c. Each vehicle owner must demonstrate that he or she resides in the Association’s community by submitting acceptable documentation to the Board of Directors including a current lease or confirmation of Unit ownership, current vehicle registration and drivers’ license.

6. Ineligible Vehicles. The following vehicles are not eligible for a parking decal.

a. Motorcycles

b. Commercial Vehicles. Commercial vehicles include, but are not limited to, those vehicles that have any of the following attributes:

i. Construction Racks
ii. Business Logos affixed to the vehicle
iii. Company names affixed to the vehicle
iv. Ladders and other equipment stored on or in the vehicle
v. Over ½ ton rated capacity
vi. Gates, or lifted gates
vii. Flatbeds
viii. More than two axles
ix. Vans or buses
x. Taxicabs, limousines or other livery vehicles

c. Vehicles without a current registration;

d. Vehicles currently registered as nonoperating or otherwise non-operational vehicles;

e. Vehicles which are registered but not street legal (off road vehicles);

f. Recreational vehicles including motor homes, personal watercraft, trailers of all types, unregistered vehicles, boats, etc.

g. Oversized Vehicles for lessees, renters, tenants and other occupants who are not Unit owners. For purposes of the section, an “Oversized Vehicle” is one that does not fit entirely within a Unit’s fully enclosed garage with the garage door closed.

7. Implementation. The update is to be become effective, and vehicle owners must have new decals by June 1, 2019 and shall be updated from time to time. A plan for the distribution of new decals will be provided separately.

8. Guest Parking. Day guests do not require a parking decal. If you have a guest who will be staying during restricted hours (12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.), that vehicle must be parked in your garage or your driveway.

9. Notices as a Courtesy. While a notice or citation may be placed on vehicles that are in violation of the Association rules, these notices are provided as a courtesy only. The Association will not be responsible should any vehicle be towed for violation of this rule or any provisions set forth in the Declaration, whether or not a notice or citation was received on the vehicle.

10. No Guarantee of space. Please note, an Authorized Resident Parking Decal does NOT guarantee a resident area parking space. All resident area parking spaces are available on a first come -first served basis.

11. Driveway parking. Vehicles parked on the driveways cannot encroach any portion of the common area such as the streets or alleyways any more than as may be permitted by the

Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements for Firenze at Renaissance Commons, as may be amended, from time to time. If any portion of the vehicle extends more than 18” from the perimeter of the paved portion of the driveway) the vehicle is subject to being towed and/or the owner ticketed or fined.


Important Phone Numbers

Trash Pickup Information

Trash pickup is Mondays for regular trash and recyclables and Thursday is for regular trash and bulk pickup. You can contact City of Boynton Beach for additional information regarding trash pickup services at 561.742.6400
Click here to visit the City of Boynton Bech Garage and Recycling Page